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Brand from Japan: Covermark. Formulated using Covermark's cutting-edge capsule technology, Moisture Veil LX enables flawless skin that becomes increasingly radiant over time. In just one minute, achieve a high-performance perfect complexion. Contains an all-new reformulation of Covermark's Moisture Coating Formula to hydrate and moisturise the skin, enabling a flawless finish. Contains Skin Melting Formulation to blend flawlessly with the skin and instantly cover imperfections upon application. Contains Covermark's exclusive formulas Sandwich Complex Powder and Moist Change Powder to absorb oil and achieve a lastingly radiant finish. Contains 7 herbal extracts to moisturise the skin: Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Japanese Angelica, Coix Seed, Aloe, Mulberry Bark, Beech. Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays SPF 32 PA+++. Transform sebum into radiance - Sandwich Complex Powder (Multi-layer structure powder). Holds sebum on skin surface, turning it into a gel to prevent the dulling and blurring of makeup. Increases the radiance of your skin tone with two powders which produce radiant color with sebum. Transforms sebum into a moisturizing veil - Moisture change powder. Absorbs sebum and binds to create a fine moisture veil on the surface of skin moisturising your skin over time. How to use: For areas with imperfections, dab powder on sponge bit by bit and pat onto the skin to avoid creating a heavy look. Do not dampen the sponge. This may cause the foundation's surface to harden.

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