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This volume contains contributions from participants in the 2007 International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists. Topics covered include Automated planning, Expert system, Machine learning, Fuzzy Systems, Knowledge-based systems, Computer systems organization, Computing methodologies, and industrial applications. The book offers the up to date information on advances in intelligent systems and computer engineering and also serve as an excellent reference work for researchers and graduate students working on intelligent systems and computer engineering. TOC:A Metamodel-Assisted Steady-State Evolution Strategy for Simulation-Based Optimization.- Automatically Defined Groups for Knowledge Acquisition from Computer Logs and Its Extension for Adaptive Agent Size.- Robust Hybrid Sliding Mode Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Systems Using Output Recurrent CMAC.- A Dynamic GA-based Rhythm Generator.- Evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization.- Human Robot Interaction as a Cooperative Game.- Swarm and Entropic Modeling for Landmine Detection Robots.- Iris Recognition Based on 2D Wavelet and AdaBoost Neural Network.- A Novel Multi-Classifier for Fault Diagnosis.- The Effect of Background Knowledge in Graph Based Learning for Chemoinformatics Domain.- Clustering Dependencies with Support Vectors.- A Comparative Study of Gender Assignment in a Standard Genetic Algorithm.- PSO Algorithm for Primer Design.- Genetic Algorithms and Heuristic Rules for Solving the Nesting Problem in the Package Industry.- A Novel Algorithm by MCSA-CNN for Image Noise Cancellation.- An Integrated Approach in Genetic Evolution.- Microarray Data Feature Selection using Hybrid GA-IBPSO.- Discrete-Time Model Representations for Biochemical Pathways.- Performance Evaluation of Decision Tree for Intrusion Detection Using Reduced Feature Spaces.- Novel and Efficient Hybrid Strategies for Constraining the Search Space in Frequent Itemset Mining.- Detecting Similar Negotiation Strategies.- Neural Networks Applied to Medical Data for Prediction of Patient Outcome.- Predicting Method for Real Thai Stock Index Based on Neurofuzzy Approach.- Innovative Technology Management System with Bibliometrics in the Context of Technology Intelligence.- Cobweb/IDX: Mapping Cobweb to SQL.- Interoperability of Performance and Functional Analysis for Electronic System Designs in BHPC.- Partitioning Strategy for Embedded Multiprocessor FPGA Systems.- Interpretation of Sound Tomography Image for the Recognition of Ganoderma Infection Level in Oil Palm.- Intrusion Detection for High-Speed Networks Based on Producing Systems.- A Secure Multi-Agent Intelligent Conceptual Framework For Modeling Enterprise Resource Planning.- On Generating Algebraic Equations for A5-Type Key Stream Generator.- A Simulation-Based Study on Memory Design Issues for Embedded Systems.- SimDiv: A New Solution for Protein Comparison.- Using Filtering Algorithm for Partial Similarity Search on 3D Shape Retrieval System.- Topic Specific Language Model Based on Graph Spectral Approach for Speech Recognition.- Automatic Construction of FSA Language Model for Speech Recognition by FSA DP-Matching.- Density: A Context Parameter of Ad Hoc Networks.- Integrating Design by Contract Focusing Maximum Benefit.- Performance Engineering for Enterprise Applications.- A Framework for UML-Based Software Component Testing.- Extending the Source Domain of an Interactive Bounded Queue.- A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Cluster Detection.- Transforming the Natural Language Text for Improving Compression Performance.- Compression Using Encryption.

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