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Covermark - Flawless Fit Foundation SPF 35 PA++...
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Brand from Japan: Covermark. One coat to hide blemishes. Create your own glowing lively skin. Adopts new technology recreating true luster, texture and freshness of beautiful human skin by this foundation. It will not only cover blemishes but also create skin looks like it has been reborn. Prepare skin with base, then take an appropriate amount by lightly gliding the sponge (once or twice) over the surface of the foundation. This foundation covers well with small amounts, so take care not to put too much onto sponge by gliding with too much force. Start from the forehead, a relatively large area of the face, and spread evenly over entire face. For areas of concern, take an additional small amount of foundation onto the sponge and lightly pat the areas to blend. Original cosmetic film called Lively Skin Veil recreates the true beauty of human skin. Covers blemishes, dullness, roughness while giving the skin beautiful luster, texture and freshness. Contains intercellular lipid-like substances, which helps to hold moisture evaporating from your skin and keeps moisturizing feeling. Liquefies meltingly the cream on your skin while spreading onto your skin. Feels almost like a part of your skin, keeps the skin beautiful finish all day. Contains six plant extracts (Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica acutiloba root, coicis semen, persicae semen, aloe) and water-soluble collagen. Prevents blemishes and freckles caused by UV rays. Pack Size - 8g

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